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    This is my own personal review of the Twilight audio book. My daughter, who is twelve years old, is a big Twilight fan and desperately wanted me to read the Twilight books.

    Normally this is not the type of book I would personally read, but I wanted to share this experience with my daughter, and was secretly quite curious to find out just what was so engaging about the book.

    The solution, I came up with, was to buy the audio version of the book. This enabled me to find out just what the book was all about, without having to sit down and find the time to actually read the book itself. Prior to this, I have never actually listened to an audio book, so I did not know what to expect.

    The narrated version of Twilight comes on eleven CDs and is nearly thirteen hours in length. It is totally unabridged: this means that every word that is printed in the book is actually spoken by the narrator and no words are left out.

    The story is narrated by Ilyana Kadushin. Ilyana is a professional narrator who has done various voice-overs for both TV and radio. Although she speaks in a clear voice and every word is easily understood, I thought her voice was devoid of any real passion or emotion.

    It took me a few days to listen to the book in its entirety, and I must admit I was surprised at just how good the story actually was. I can see why my daughter likes this book.

    I would not say that Stephenie Meyer, the author, was a particularly good writer, but the story itself was quite entertaining and I found myself eager to find out just what would happen in the next chapter.

    So, my verdict: well, I think that I got the best of both worlds with this audio book. I was able to listen to the story in my own time, sometimes driving to work and some times in the kitchen whilst making the dinner, without having to actually make time to sit down and read the book. Most importantly, to me, I can now share the experience of the book with my daughter.

    If you would like to read Twilight, or any other book, but for whatever reason just do not have the time or the inclination, then I would recommend seeking out the audio version if available.

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