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    I saw the twilight movie when it first got released when my friends recommended it after they had read the twilight book, I have to say it was on the best movie I have seen for a very long time. I am not a big fan of vampire movies, however this turned our to be essentally a love story and it looses none of it’s integrity from either the genre. I was amazed at the on screen chemistry between Bella and Edward, it was execellent, and helps make the movie take the form of an epic love story which can be compared to Romeo and Juliett. Hats off to the casting directory for getting these two characters so perfectly right. I also found the scenery absolutely breath taking and give the film a real vitality. Its almost worth seeing the scenery alone regardless of the story.

    Something suprising that came of from this movie was the desire to read the book, I was certain its impossible to get all that is being said in the book into a 2 hour movie. I was wrong , the essence of the book is captured beautifully and completely and it has to go back to the chemistry between Bella and Edward. If you are thinkin you have to read the book, then my suggestion to you is, you don’t have to. The twilight movie does an excellent job of telling the story on its own. The only difference between the book and the twilight DVD is the time settings, the book is set over an entire year and the twilight DVD is tells us about a month, which is worth remembering if you are wondering why Bella and Edward go from frosty to talking about forever quite so quickly in the film.The extra scene that I did, however, absolutely love was when Edward took Bella up into the trees – great effects, absolutely amazing scenary and you got a real sense of the romance between them – I really missed it when I read the twilight book!

    I can conclude that the twilight is an absolutely brilliant movie, well worth seeing. It’s one of the very few.

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