• Twilight Transforms to Comic Books

    Stephanie Meyer captured the interest of reader’s when she authored the novel and series Twilight which quickly made its way to the New York Times Best Sellers’ list. The novel tells the tale of vampires and romance. The main character, Isabella Swan or Bella, falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen, when she moves to a new state from her hometown in Arizona. Stephanie Meyer is an award winning American author who continued writing the Twilight series with New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. She is a fan of writing for young adults in the fantasy, romance, and science fiction genres.

    The success and many award recognitions made the novel a great inspiration for movie makers. The novel was adapted to film in 2008 and was directed by Catherine Hardwicke. She has also worked on award winning films such as Thirteen, Vanilla Sky, and The Nativity Story. The movie starred actors Kristin Stewart and Robert Patterson. Just like the novel, the movie also received numerous awards and worldwide recognition. It won almost every award it was nominated for at the MTV movie awards, and won: best movie, best male performance, best female performance, best fight, and best kiss. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can tell just from the awards won how great the film adaptation of the novel is.

    The Twilight series can now add to its resume, in addition to award winning novel and movie that it is being written as comic books. More specifically, it will fall under the graphic novel category which is a type of comic book. Entertainment Weekly reported that Young Kim will be the artist for the graphic novel, and that Yen Press will be publishing the series. The characters in the graphic novel are being drawn to look more like anime characters rather than being depicted how Kristin Stewart and Robert Patterson looked in the movie. According to an article on EW.com, Stephanie Meyer will be playing a large role in the production of the comic book, and will oversee all the panels being drawn. There hasn’t been a scheduled release date for the graphic novel, but it is definitely in the works. 

    As you can see, Twilight has transformed from print to movie and now back into print as a graphic novel. People are wondering if the fans will be receptive the graphic novel because of the anime style which it’s being created in. The novel and the film adaptation were very successful, so comic book readers will have to wait and see if its success will continue.

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    1. Anita Fernandez says:

      LOVE U, TWILGHT ! They call me Twihard… very young… but read the whole saga! Seen all movies.P.S., Stephenie Meyer, I am Very Well Team EDWARD CULLEN!!!! He rocks…

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